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Join the American Mead Makers Association for five weeks worth of online discussions and educational sessions on home and professional mead making!

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Week 1 - April 28th (all times Eastern)

7:45pm - Jeremy Kyncl from Hierophant Meadery - Spiced Meads

Jeremy will speak about the foundations of metheglin production and will focus on the constituents relevant to mead making, methods for extracting, and how the two interlace during recipe formulation.

9pm - Kevin Meintsma - Hydromels are HOT!

Reliable, delicious and quick hydromels can be made with the tools and techniques explained in this presentation. Kevin will go through process and method to make a hot fermented berry hydromel using Kviek Hornindahl yeast. This presentation will cover the use of fermentation SIYs and tannins, along with back-sweetening practice to enhance and concentrate flavors in low ABV mead. Complete equipment information will be provided as a reference for those interested.

Week 2 - May 5th (all times Eastern)

7:45pm - Jeff Herbert from Superstition Meadery - Pulliin' Nails with Superstition

In this seminar we will cover options for barrel aging, effects of different toast levels, how to store barrels, barrel maintenance, safety considerations, and where to source barrels.

**Also included in this week's content will be a pre-recorded discussion with Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye of Lallemand Wine

Sigrid will be speaking about the key elements to help magically transform sugar into a tantalizing fermented product in your mead. Guiding you through the key fermentation principles to give you the best results possible, including some suggestions for yeast, nutrition and other interesting fermentation trivia to help you!

Link to view will be provided separately that week.

Week 3 - May 12th (all times Eastern)

7:45pm - Carvin Wilson - Judging & Competition

Carvin dispenses his vast knowledge of participating in, judging and organizing/running mead competitions. He'll offer valuable tips for aspiring mead judges as well as folks who enjoy sending their mead in for competition.

9pm - Billy Beltz from Lost Cause Meadery - Building & Operating A Successful Tasting Room

It's the golden age of tasting rooms... are you making the most of yours? There has never been a better time to make your tasting room a foundation of your overall business model, but there are myriad obstacles to overcome and traps to watch out for. This talk will focus on building and optimizing a tasting room (or multiple ones) and how to ensure both you and your customers are getting the most out of this very valuable direct-to-consumer experience.

Week 4 - May 19th (all times Eastern)

7:45pm - Pierre Rodrigue -Steam Juicing

Pierre is an award winning mead maker who got his start 35 plus years ago making country wines, moving on to high-end wine kits and fresh grape juices. Pierre transitioned to mead more recently, finding more diversity in ingredients and flavor. He will be sharing tips and techniques he has learned on all things steam juicing!

9pm - Laura Angotti - Putting Historical Recipes in your Mead Making Arsenal

Many thousands of mead recipes exist in the historical record. Even while not utilizing modern scientific knowledge, these historical recipes embody the wisdom of thousands of years of mead making. The modern mead maker can choose to use these recipes as inspiration, as the basis of efforts for historically accurate re-creation, or anything in between. We will take a whirlwind tour of the world of historical mead recipes (busting a few myths along the way) and discuss approaches to understanding and incorporating the abundant expertise of mead makers long past into your personal efforts.

Week 5 - May 26th (all times Eastern)

7:45pm - Sergio Moutela from Melovino Meadery - So...You Want to Open a Meadery?

Sergio lays it all out in this discussion on the many considerations for opening a meadery. Whether you've been in operation for years, or just thinking about dipping a toe in the world of commercial meadmaking, Sergio has valuable advice to save you money and headaches.

9pm - Ash Fischbein from Sap House Meadery - Club Memberships and the Money Funnel

Ash explores considerations needed when starting a Mead Club for your Meadery. Learn how to create consistent cash flow for your business while providing exciting new and limited product to your customers.